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We care for the whole person - body, soul, mind and spirit. That is why we demand so much more from our employees. They must understand the importance of a kind word, a gentle touch and the healing power of a smile. This is important to us and we think it is also important to you. We believe happy employees make your loved ones also feel happy and safe.

Gill Odd Fellows Home, under the direction of our Medical Director, provides 24-hour nursing services. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to improve and/or maintain your loved one's quality of life.

Our full range of services includes:

  • Does someone you love need long-term care?

    Have you had "the call" from a physician's office advising you to consider a nursing home for your loved one? Making the decision to place someone you love in long-term care is never easy. But once youíve made the decision, youíll need to choose a facility. How can you be sure you're making the right choice?

    The best way to make a decision is for you and your loved one to visit our nursing home yourself. Take a tour of the facility. Meet with any of our staff and, if possible, with members of the nursing staff who will care for your loved one. Ask to see the residentsí rooms, activities areas, and any outdoor areas, gardens or grounds where the residents gather. Finally, sit down with management and discuss costs and insurance coverage, so that you know exactly what the costs will be.

    And don't worry if you feel a little overwhelmed after your visit; thatís normal. You can always come back for a second visit - remember, nursing home staffers have parents and family members too, so they understand how you feel.

    You've made your decision-Now what?

    Once you feel comfortable with your choice, talk with your parent or family member about what you like at Gill Odd Fellows Home. Few things in life are harder than a move, especially when we are older. The best nursing home teams are very experienced in helping newcomers settle in and learn the daily routines. They'll also do their best to involve your family member in daily activities and social events where he or she can make friends with other residents.

    Rehabilition Services

    Our dedicated and highly skilled Therapy Department and Restorative Nursing Program assists Residents and their Physicians by helping to obtain maximum functional capacity and improved quality of life.

    If you're being discharged from a hospital, a short rehabilitation stay can help "bridge the gap" between hospital and home-and give you the extra time you need to get back on your feet again.

    Gill Odd Fellows Home offers a range of post-acute and post-surgical care services.

    Physical Therapy

    Our rehab team will work with you to design a personalized program that will help you regain your strength and mobility quickly and will get you home as quickly and safely as possible. Therapy services are available seven days a week, so there's no need to slow down your recovery!

    In addition to physical therapy, our short-stay rehab services include:
    Occupational Therapy

    Our occupational therapy team focuses on increasing, enhancing and adapting task development skills to increase the level of independence and autonomy.

    Speech and Language Therapy

    Our speech and language professionals employ a wide variety of speech and language techniques to address speech and communication problems, as well as cognitive issues. Our speech therapists also assist individuals who are experiencing swallowing difficulties.

    Respite care

    Do you care for a sick or elderly relative at home? Are you on call 24 hours a day? Has it been a long time since you took time off to have lunch with a friend, take a vacation, or simply relax?

    If so, then you may be interested to know that Gill Odd Fellows Home offers a respite care program for families like yours. Respite care allows your elderly or disabled family member to spend time in a caring, comfortable environment staffed by health care professionals 24 hours a day. He or she will receive assistance with daily living activities, nutritious meals, and, if appropriate, opportunities for recreational activities.

    All regular medications will be administered and supervised by our skilled nursing staff. We are skilled in geriatric care and Alzheimer's. You can feel confident that your family member is in good hands. Respite care is available on a weekly basis. Please call or visit our facility to learn more. We encourage families to arrange respite stays in advance whenever possible.

    Social Services

    Social Services are provided to each individual resident. Social services include such things as contacts with outside sources available to make the quality of life for each resident more prosperous. It also includes identifying and meeting the needs of each resident.

    Call the Gill Odd Fellows Home at 802-228-4571

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